Ulrich Pogson,

Team Retreat during a pandemic

Our company culture was not extremely affected by the pandemic. As a well-established remote team, we didn’t have to rearrange ourselves during the lockdown. What we did notice, however, was the distance and the fact that our team is international. As a remote team, we are extremely dependent on meeting in person from time to …

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Single Laptop an a the table
Ulrich Pogson,

Working remotely in Basel

Having newly moved to Basel in September last year, I had to find new places to work from. As at required we work remotely, I am not forced to go to one of our offices. Each of us works from their home office or has an office in their city.Working from home the whole week …

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Stefan Velthuys,

On working from home

Since we are a remote company, everyone is free to choose wherever they want to work from. In my case, that’s mostly my home office. I’ll share some tips which help me getting work done, while balancing the whole life-part.tldr; Dress for the office, focus, take breaks, eat lunch, meet friends.My home office situationI have …

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Pascal Birchler,

XMAS Trip 2018

At the end of the year, the whole required crew gets together for our annual Christmas trip. Since we are a distributed team, this is one of the few occasions where we get to spend quality time together in-person. After going to Copenhagen in 2017, we settled for a warmer location this time: Lisbon, Portugal.Most …

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Stefan Pasch,

Strategy Meeting

Why we don’t exclusively work remotely A remote team needs to develop itself and should set itself goals to become better, just like any other team. For this reason, and because some face-to-face time is vital in remote teams, I met Karin and Velthy in Berlin to discuss required‘s management topics. AccommodationOf course, we are …

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Karin Christen,

Why we are a remote team

In a typical office environment, it’s easy to walk over to your teammate’s desk when you have a question or need help. But since we’re a remote team, we don’t see each other physically. We would like to share our story of why we became a remote team and the challenges we deal with day …

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Karin Christen,

XMAS Trip 2017

To have a good time with each other and to eat good food: These are two important points for when we see each other in person. As a distributed team, we see only each other occasionally at different events. Therefore, the time together is very rare and so precious.As a remote team, we need to …

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Stefan Velthuys,

Work Week & WordCamp Bilbao

Dominik, Karin, Pascal and Velthy spent a week in Bilbao to get some work done and to attend the local WordCamp on the weekend.Pascal and Dominik both talked about the fields of internationalization (i18n) and localization (l10n). In an area where people speak both Spanish and Basque, that was a pretty suitable topic. Our apartments Bilbao …

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