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Building Web Apps with AI: A Designer’s Journey with Chat-GPT

Stefan Velthuys Avatar

There’s been a lot of chatter about artificial intelligence. It seems to be showing up all over the digital landscape. As a designer, I find myself captivated by the possibilities of AI, both in my professional work and everyday life.

As this fascination began to intertwine with my personal fondness for quizzes — Wordle in particular — an idea started to bloom in my mind: a Wordle-inspired guessing game centered around tech terms. The concept was exciting, but the challenge lay in the execution. How could I bring my vision to life when my expertise lies in design, not in JavaScript or other web programming languages? This is the story of how I turned to AI, specifically Chat-GPT, to realize my vision and create my own unique quiz game.

In this article, I will not only share the final product, but also take you on an expedition, into the process that shaped it. By sharing my journey, my goal is to spark curiosity and inspire others to investigate the fascinating world of incorporating artificial intelligence into their programming projects.

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