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Working remotely in Basel

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Having newly moved to Basel in September last year, I had to find new places to work from. As at required we work remotely, I am not forced to go to one of our offices. Each of us works from their home office or has an office in their city.

Working from home the whole week was not really for me, that is why I like to go out of the house, to be around people and let myself be inspired. Around the last 10 months I have been visiting and testing different co-working spaces and cafés to find a place where I feel comfortable and where I am productive. Here is a summary of my experience.

Requirements of a productive work space

Normally having a good WiFi connection is a priority when I am not working from home. This is especially important when I am abroad. It is not such a big concern, though, when I am in Switzerland. Because I have an unlimited mobile data plan provided to me as part of the mobile package. So in Basel I am still be able to connect to the internet without WiFi. More important for me is to have power for my laptop, as the battery does not hold out more than a couple of hours. That is why I am looking for a power outlet wherever I am. Additionally the place naturally should be comfortable and not too noisy. Below is a list of, in my opinion, the best co-working spaces and cafés in the city of Basel.


To get an geographical overview of the mentioned cafés and co-working spaces I put a map together. The blue cups are café’s and the green laptops are the coworking spaces. The gray laptop icons are the co-working spaces under construction.

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