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Traduttore 3.0

Dominik Schilling Avatar

Today we’re happy to announce the public release of Traduttore 3.0.

Traduttore is our open-source WordPress plugin that allows you to host your own WordPress.org-style translation API for your WordPress projects. We use it for our custom plugins and themes for our clients.

In this version we focused on making the plugin more modular which gave us the opportunity to support not just GitHub as a source but also Bitbucket, GitLab or even self-managed repositories.

3.0 now also brings support for JavaScript translations which have been introduced in WordPress 5.0 as part of the new block-based editor. Traduttore does all the string extraction and generation of translation files for you. As a developer you don’t have to hassle with all of this, instead you can focus on building beautiful blocks, just like we do.

We have heard your feedback and have improved the documentation which you can find on https://wearerequired.github.io/traduttore/. Please let us know if anything is missing.

We also updated Traduttore Registry, the integration library for your plugin and themes, to be more reliable when it comes to new projects and translations.

You can get the new versions on GitHub or via Composer:

If you find any issues and have some feedback, please do not hesitate to report them on GitHub as an issue.

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