New Swiss Data Protection Act

Karin Christen,

A stricter data protection law will apply in Switzerland from the beginning of 2023 at the latest. Therefore, every website operator should inform themselves about the new regulations.Summary of the article, which was published on Cyon as a guest post by Martin Steiger and Data Protection Partners.Use of dataYou should keep an up-to-date list of …

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Corina Schedler,

A team retreat off-the-grid

Our international team has not been able to meet completely for over two years. The restrictions of the pandemic have stood in our way so far. The newest team members, including myself, have not yet had the opportunity to meet all of us in person. In August 2021, we planned a retreat in a villa …

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Screenshot Various Artists
Ulrich Pogson,

A new online magazine about art

V/A – Various Artists is an online magazine for cultural professionals initiated by the Swiss Arts Council Pro Helvetia, which features an artful design and, despite its individuality, can be conveniently edited from within the Pro Helvetia Multisite.The online blog promotes exchange between international cultural professionals, actively supporting their ideas and work, and sensing contemporary …

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Corina Schedler,

Energy-efficient Websites

Thanks to digitalisation, we use less paper and business trips are replaced by online meetings. That is why the use of the internet is often not mentioned first in connection with sustainability. But according to the Greenpeace study Clicking Green, the tech sector was already responsible for around 7% of global energy consumption back in …

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Corina Schedler,

From the Classic- to the Block-Editor
– why it is worth switching now

Since the creation of the WordPress Block Editor in 2018, we have been equipping all our customer projects with the new editor. In this article we show the advantages of the new editor and why a change makes sense.What is the Block Editor?The WordPress Block Editor was established in 2018 as part of the “Gutenberg” …

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– why it is worth switching now
Corina Schedler,

WordPress Version 5.5 “Eckstine” is now available

The latest version of WordPress, which is called “Eckstine” in honor of jazz singer Billy Eckstine, has been available for download or update since August 11, 2020. We give you a short overview of the new features and what we have contributed to version 5.5.Our contribution to WordPress Version 5.5Created by open source developers from …

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Stefan Velthuys,

Corina is required!

We are happy to welcome Corina in our team! As a frontend developer Corina will support us and our customers in bringing sophisticated designs alive to the browsers.In May 2019, we decided to try a new hiring way, at least for us, and placed a job ad on freshjobs in the classic way. We described …

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Karin Christen,

CMS – traditional or headless?

What is the difference between the architecture of a traditional and a headless content management system? How do we deal with this topic in the conception and development of our projects?The traditional wayThe classic content management approach not only uses the content management system (CMS) to manipulate and store content, but also includes functionality through …

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Stefan Pasch,

We are required in Berlin

Company Retreat & WordPress ConferenceIt has almost become a tradition attending the yearly WordCamp Europe, which we did this year too. We met a few days before the conference in Berlin to work together on a few tasks, laugh and of course to eat well.Our WeekBerlinWe spent the whole week in Berlin. The first part …

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Stefan Velthuys,

On working from home

Since we are a remote company, everyone is free to choose wherever they want to work from. In my case, that’s mostly my home office. I’ll share some tips which help me getting work done, while balancing the whole life-part.tldr; Dress for the office, focus, take breaks, eat lunch, meet friends.My home office situationI have …

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Dominik Schilling,

Traduttore 3.0

Today we’re happy to announce the public release of Traduttore 3.0.Traduttore is our open-source WordPress plugin that allows you to host your own translation API for your WordPress projects. We use it for our custom plugins and themes for our clients.In this version we focused on making the plugin more modular which gave us …

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Pascal Birchler,

XMAS Trip 2018

At the end of the year, the whole required crew gets together for our annual Christmas trip. Since we are a distributed team, this is one of the few occasions where we get to spend quality time together in-person. After going to Copenhagen in 2017, we settled for a warmer location this time: Lisbon, Portugal.Most …

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Karin Christen,

Company Retreat 2018

In the last few years we usually combined our annual team retreat with the conference “WordCamp Europe”. Unfortunately not every team member was able to attend the event in Serbia this year. Therefore, we caught up with the whole team a few weeks later to meet at our German branch in Schwerin.The New OfficeAs of …

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Pascal Birchler,

Improving Our Translation Workflow

We set out on a mission to reduce the repetitive work involved in managing translations for our custom built themes and plugins. Additionally we wanted to enable our clients to easily translate strings instead of having to sending translations back and forth. The result is Traduttore, a liaison between WordPress, GlotPress and GitHub. Of course …

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Stefan Pasch,

Strategy Meeting

Why we don’t exclusively work remotely A remote team needs to develop itself and should set itself goals to become better, just like any other team. For this reason, and because some face-to-face time is vital in remote teams, I met Karin and Velthy in Berlin to discuss required‘s management topics. AccommodationOf course, we are …

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