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Design is more than just good looks. Good design helps you achieving your business goals and improves the relationship with your clients. That’s why we focus on the user and their experience when we build and design solutions.

We guide our clients from the very start of their project: the initial idea. But how can we translate this idea into a functional and beautiful product?

The key to a usable product is knowing your user. What are their goals & needs? Once we know that, we can focus on the user flow. What steps are necessary to achieve your business goals while satisfying the visitor?

A clean interface gets out of the way and doesn’t distract. Nothing flashy or over-designed. A good design should represent you and help your users. Harmony and balance are powerful tools to achieve that.

Creating a design that works on all screen sizes requires more than just creating a separate version for a phone, tablet, and a desktop screen. It’s all about creating a style and behaviour that works consistently across all devices and sizes. This is why we consider the “act” of Responsive Design not a single task, but the bridge between Design & Front-end.

Our User Experience & Design services include:

  • Concepts & ideation for new products / services
  • Design analysis of existing solutions
  • Visual design for the websites & applications
  • Responsive design across all devices
  • User testing to validate a design

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Selected projects

CSS Versicherung Blog

CSS Insurance is one of Switzerland’s biggest health insurance companies and provides its assured customers with a print magazine every quarter, featuring the latest on nutrition, sport, and health.

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SBB Cargo Blog

SBB Cargo – the Swiss company for freight rail informs about transport solutions, networks, and services. The SBB Cargo blog needed to be integrated into the SBB’s corporate design and editorial team.

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klingler consultants Corporate Website

For klingler consultants we were able to redesign and implement their holistic website. In collaboration with our partner photographer Boris Baldinger, the imagery of the team pictures was created.

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Kaufleuten Website & Payment Integration

For an event location, the accessibility of its offers is the most important thing of all. Kaufleuten asked us to redesign their website with the “mobile first” approach, as well as to integrate an online payment system so that their customers can purchase tickets to club, concert and cultural events directly and from anywhere.Today, not …

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SOMEDIA Press AG Konzept & UX Design für das Online News Portal

For a news portal, it is particularly important that readers can inform themselves across various screen sizes. Clear reduced design, good readability, as well as great user flow across various devices are the focus. This was the second time that we had the opportunity to contribute to the relaunch of the regional news portal of …

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