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The journey of Freshjobs

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Some people in our industry are writing long and detailed business plans before they start with an idea or a product. Others just build stuff in order to do what they love to do. I never planned to be self-employed or even run my own company. It just happened somehow by doing what I love. I’d like to tell you a story –  the story of how I teamed up with great people to build a side project which led us to become a Web Agency.

The Sideproject

Building something without a client involved.

We loved our client projects but there is the thing when working for clients, you always do what’s best for your client and its users. But we always dreamed of building a product where we were actually our own clients. Something where we could express ourselves and follow our ideas. Let us go back in time to the year of 2006: Back in 2006 finding a job for the web industry was very disappointing. There were relatively few job-listings on the major job-boards in Switzerland. Besides that, when looking for a term like “Web Design” one would end up with a huge list of jobs from SAP consultants to Java Software Engineers. Which aren’t really design jobs at all. The user experience of looking for a job in the web industry was not satisfying at all. Well, back then and still today in our industry job titles aren’t really formal nor protected. Everyone could call themselves whatever they want. “Web Designer”, “Web Publisher”, “Web Developer” and so on. Finding a job that matches what we were looking for was a gamble with keywords.

The Idea

The funny thing about life, sometimes unhappiness can lead to new ideas.

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