Who are we?

We are experienced web professionals who work without intermediary, but directly with our clients. The web is part of who we are. We design and develop for the web and the web community.

Our Team

Tuğçe Nur Taş

Frontend-Development / Project-Management

Tuğçe Nur is our frontend developer and project manager. She translates customer needs into technical requirements.

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Dominik Schilling

Backend Developer

Dominik is a developer with a passion for open source. He’s always thrilled to solve new and complex challenges with state-of-the-art technologies.

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Jeff Chi

Frontend Developer

Jeff is a design graduate and develops frontends with attention to detail. His main concerns are solid implementations and correctly used web standards.

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Corina Schedler

Frontend Developer

Corina is our design-aware front-end developer and an inquisitive creator who loves to be in the outdoors. She loves the challenge of bringing sophisticated designs to the browser.

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Stefan Velthuys

UI Designer / Frontend Developer

Stefan “Velthy” Velthuys is our Designer and Frontend Developer focussing on the visual side of things. He believes that a usable product can and should look beautiful to achieve a maximum of positive user experience.

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Karin Christen

Interaction Designer / Director Switzerland

Karin Christen is our Interaction Designer setting her focus on the user’s perspective. Also, she is the person in charge when it comes to all sorts of managing aspects in our business.

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Stefan Pasch

PHP Developer / Director Germany

Stefan “Paschi” Pasch is our Software Engineer and Ossi with a clear focus on creating sustainable, fast, and secure code in order to power up web apps and websites.

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Simon Halimonov

UI Designer / Frontend Developer

Simon has a very strong knowledge of the latest frontend technologies and is also a trained media designer. With his skills in design and programming, he creates and develops web applications that not only look good, but also work well and use the latest technologies.

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How we work

We have office space in Lucerne, Zurich and Schwerin, but we usually work from our private offices or any other location offering decent coffee.

Learn more about our way of working by reading our blog post “Why we are a remote team”.

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