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New website with web app for Ringier Advertising

Screenshots of the Ringier Advertising website

Ringier Advertising supports advertising agencies, major clients and NGOs in their search for suitable brands and formats for their advertising.

With over 70 publications and 100 advertising formats, this is a task that should not be underestimated, as there are thousands of combinations and offers. With this in place, we started the project in 2022 and were able to launch the new site in time for the New Year in 2023.

Filter with search

At the heart of the WordPress-based website are the overviews of all brands and formats & rates. With practical and media-dependent filter options, you can quickly find the right brand or format. For example, the target group can specify that they only want to see print publications that are available in German, are suitable for people with an interest in sport and are also in the right age group.

The filter works perfectly on large screens as well as on mobile devices.
The filter works perfectly on large screens as well as on mobile devices.

Custom post types, the REST API, custom API endpoints and React form the technical basis for this.

Brands with detailed information

The individual brands are presented with key facts and detailed information on the media data, technical information on the delivery of the advertising formats and also the appropriate contact persons.

Screenshot of the various advertising formats on the Ringier Advertising website
A small selection of the dozens of advertising formats for print and digital.
Screenshot of important key figures on the Ringier Advertising website
The most important key figures at a glance, at a glance.

Further functions

Live preview of advertising formats

The advertising formats also have their own pages, where you can find all the necessary information on prices and delivery. There you can see the prices per brand, but also directly view a live preview of the advertising format.

Watch list for multiple devices

All brands, advertising formats and even contact persons can be saved in a watch list on the website. This allows visitors to compile their preferences and then even transfer them to other devices or share their own watch list with other people. Take a photo of the QR code and you have the watch list compiled on the desktop on your smartphone.

Export options for agencies

Advertising formats also have different prices due to their different possibilities. All this information can be exported to Excel thanks to the watch list, so that you have all the information in one place and can continue your marketing planning.

Advantages of the Block Editor

In addition to the powerful and customized options with web app, filter, search, watch list and export options, it is almost forgotten that the website is also very easy to use for the editorial team. To this end, we have developed various custom blocks that can be used to present a wide variety of content.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank the entire Ringier Advertising team once again for the great cooperation, all the preparatory work and, of course, the editorial effort!

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