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Tuğçe Nur Taş

Tuğçe Nur shines in her role as both a frontend developer and project manager at our team. She bridges the gap between client aspirations and technical execution, transforming customer requirements into actionable technical specifications with creativity.


What she does

When Tuğçe Nur isn’t crafting solid designs, she leads project coordination, working closely with her team. As the primary point of contact for clients, she devises tailored strategies for each challenge.

Her focus on user needs ensures the user experience remains a top priority, highlighting her commitment to quality and client satisfaction.

Tuğçe Nur is passionate about giving back to the dev community and supporting career changers. In her previous role, she set up and taught a program at the city of Zurich that teaches long-term unemployed people the basics of web programming.

In her spare time, she is additionally involved with organisations such as Rails Girls, Techface and Code Excursion.

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