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Simon Halimonov

Simon Halimonov is our frontend developer and UI Designer. He loves ideating, creating systems, working on design details, coding and seeing web projects take shape.


What he does

He spends most of his time writing code for modern web applications and designing user interfaces in Figma. His background is media design, and he has worked as a designer in multiple different agencies before. So he worked on some sites that have 20M+ monthly active users.

After teaching himself more about making websites and working on projects, Simon shared his knowledge by teaching over 100 students in cities like Düsseldorf, Hamburg, and Berlin at the Digital Career Institute.

Simon loves to mix work with pleasure by traveling to warm, beachy places. One of his biggest passions is freediving—diving deep underwater on a single breath. He’s also looking to try more activities in the water.

For fun, Simon collects domain names and sometimes makes money from them, but mostly it’s just for kicks. He’s always on the lookout for the newest tech stuff for the web, eager to try out the latest tools and features.

Simon Halimonov is a key player in our team, blending his skills in design and coding with his love for teaching and exploring new places and hobbies.

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