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Stefan Pasch

Stefan “Paschi” Pasch is our software engineer with a clear focus on creating sustainable, fast and secure code to future-proof web applications and websites. He is also responsible for the management of our German company.

stefan@required.com, +49 162 972 61 30

What he does

He turned his hobby into a profession. Ever since he had his first computer, he had been interested in the Internet and website development. At that time, animated GIFs were still the measure of all things.

He is responsible for transforming complex customer needs into code and is also our product manager for our job board Freshjobs

He is a passionate software developer who likes to spend his spare time taking photos and being active in sports.

In addition to photography, he is passionate about functional strength training and martial arts (Karate, Boxing, Muay Thai). His versatility is evident in his ability to find creative expressions in photography as well as to embrace physical challenges in fitness and martial arts.

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