We have been supporting the content marketing team of Migros Bank since 2015. During this time, we have implemented their corporate blog, as well as their Content Hub.

At that time, we programmed the blog from scratch to create a sustainable basis for future wishes and requirements. This has paid off, because today, 7 years later, the blog has several customised functions that can still rely on the stable basis. A key feature was the connection to the newsletter system of Migros Bank, with which they can create newsletters directly in WordPress and send them via a third-party provider. We designed and implemented this customised solution specifically for the bank.

The corporate blog

Since this year, pink, orange, violet and dark green alternate in a playful way and give the Swiss bank a fresh feeling that underlines the proximity to the Migros umbrella brand and its values. The previously white background has given way to a pink – orange – purple mosaic-like background, the font has been modernised and the text colour has been unified with dark green. Furthermore, the WordPress blocks, the dossier and the infobox, which we programmed specifically for the needs of Migros Bank, appear in the new colours. The newsletter, which can be sent directly from the WordPress backend, also shines in the new colour scheme. Go to the blog

Screenshot des Migros Bank Blogs mit Vergleich vor und nach Rebrand
Screenshots: Left before the rebrand, on the right after the rebrand

The Content Hub

The Content Hub is the latest project of Migros Bank and we were allowed to implement it at the beginning of 2021. A Content Hub collects all content marketing activities on a topic and is the basis of a content marketing strategy. From here, the content is output via various online forms of advertising, such as social media ads. Those who view the ads are redirected to the Content Hub or a website. The requirements for us were that different image and video content can be combined with text, which can be filtered and shared via social media. In addition, external partners have access to the media database.

Screenshot of the Migros Bank Content Hub before and after the rebrand

Quick Facts

  • Adaptation to the new corporate design
  • Continuous developments and support since 2015
  • Implementation of customised features
  • Responsive design for all devices
  • Content management of content in 3 languages
  • Filter functions and share buttons
  • Clear editor with media database and access for external partners
  • Tracking via Google Analytics

Online Magazine & Content Hub

Migros Bank

Design, Frontend, WordPress

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