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Stefan “Velthy” Velthuys is our designer with a strong focus on the visual side of things. He believes that a usable product should not only be easy to use, but should also look beautiful in order to achieve an optimal user experience.

velthy@required.com, +41 78 689 58 84

What he does

He spends most of his time designing websites and web applications. However, he is not a normal designer who is afraid of code and avoids it. With a background in frontend development, he lives and breathes responsive design and likes to push the boundaries of frontends and interfaces.

When it comes to recognizing customers’ needs and requirements and translating them into beautiful designs, there is no one better. His designs work in browsers and not just in graphics programs. Another of his strengths is maintaining a good user experience across different devices, always responsive.

Having worked in an email marketing agency, he is also very familiar with HTML emails. Although this is no longer his focus, he still has to smile a little when someone tells the story of how CampaignMonitor used to call him the “mobile email guru”.

Velthy likes city breaks, the sea, but also the mountains. Lisbon, Seville and Copenhagen are very popular, Berlin is just cool. New York is simply too big and Belgrade was not necessarily a culinary highlight.

As a Lucerne resident, he has the mountains in his immediate vicinity and is happy to let his colleagues in Zurich or Schwerin know that they don’t have mountains, but only hills.

He knows which countries the route from Ethiopia to the Netherlands leads through, not because he has done it, but because he regularly plays geography quizzes.

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