Smartportrait was launched by co-founders Boris and Johannes. Nicole completes the team and brings in her content expertise. Together, they are revolutionizing the traditional approach of employee portraits in an innovative way.

Instead of time-consuming planning and on-site appointments, offers a flexible system that works regardless of time and location. This provides companies with an efficient and first-class solution for their portrait photography needs.

The ordering process on is simple and user-friendly. Once a company or individual wants to create their portraits, they visit the website There, they are guided through the process step-by-step by a video-based photo guide.

First, users can select the format they want for their portrait. They can choose between square, round or rectangular options to suit their individual preferences and the requirements of their corporate brand.

In addition, offers the option to upload your own backgrounds. By using their corporate design or other matching backgrounds, companies can ensure that employee portraits perfectly match their brand and provide a consistent look.

Once the order is complete, the entire process is automatically submitted to’s world-class photo editing team. This allows for efficient editing of images with attention to detail and ensures that high-quality, consistent, studio-quality employee portraits are delivered directly to the inbox within three business days.

Website & ordering process


Frontend, WordPress, API integration


Wir sind stolz darauf, die Website für smartportrait programmiert zu haben. Das tolle und frische Design, welches smartportrait selber geliefert hat, macht Laune für die Besucher:innen, aber auch für uns als Umsetzungspartner. 

During the implementation, we added smartportrait as a seamless multisite integration into the existing website of photographer Boris Baldinger. Through this integration, we enabled smartportrait to be accessible directly from the photographer’s main website, creating an improved user experience for Boris Baldinger’s clients and

Visit and discover the future of employee portraits!

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