Initial situation

In early 2022, we took over the existing website without making any changes and continuously maintained it. Then, in the spring of this year, we launched the eagerly anticipated relaunch.

This is how the website looked when we took it over:

Old design of

Relaunch von

Our goal was to provide an even more engaging online experience, and we are proud to present the new and improved version of the city magazine.

Our focus was on creating a modern and user-friendly platform that caters to the needs and requirements of our audience. The revamped design of comes with a fresh and contemporary look. With a clear layout and intuitive navigation, the city stories are better highlighted. New is also that now several articles are visible at a glance and a modern tile layout on the homepage.

New design of

But that’s not all. We have also introduced new features to make the experience more interactive and informative. One of the most exciting additions is the opportunity for readers to participate in polls on current topics. This way, our readers can voice their opinions on various aspects of public transportation in Zurich.


Verkehrsbetriebe Zürich

Design, Frontend, WordPress


Additionally, we integrated a display of the most read articles, so readers can always stay updated on the most popular and current topics related to VBZ. At a glance, they can see which articles are being frequently read by other visitors.

We are delighted with our existing collaboration with VBZ and in the same year we also developed an interactive web app for new residents in Zurich.

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