Stefan Velthuys

UI Designer / Frontend Developer

Stefan “Velthy” Velthuys is our Designer and Frontend Developer focussing on the visual side of things. He believes that a usable product can and should look beautiful to achieve a maximum of positive user experience.

What he does

He spends most of his time designing interfaces, websites, and web apps. But don’t take him for an ordinary designer fearing and avoiding code. With his background in frontend, he lives and breathes responsive design, always pushing the boundaries of the frontends and interfaces he designs and builds.

When it comes to understanding the clients’ needs and desires and transforming them into beautiful designs, there is no better man for the job. His designs work in browsers and not only in graphic programs. Another key strength of him is to deliver a good cross-device experience.

Having worked in an email marketing agency, he also knows his way around html emails. Although this isn’t his main focus anymore, he still gets a satisfied look on his face if somebody tells the story of how he was once called a “mobile email guru” by CampaignMonitor.

His latest blog posts

Work Week & WordCamp Bilbao

Dominik, Karin, Pascal and Velthy spent a week in Bilbao to get some work done and to attend the local WordCamp on the weekend.

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A quick recap on 2016

Let’s take a moment to look back at a successful 2016. We had the pleasure to build amazing projects for amazing clients in our 4th year as required.

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A focus week got us our new (WordPress) website

This post was written in WordPress. That shouldn’t come as a surprise, since we are a WordPress agency. But for the last couple of years, this website was rarely updated and there was a good reason for that.

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Selected projects

CSS Versicherung Blog

CSS Insurance is one of Switzerland’s biggest health insurance companies and provides its assured customers with a print magazine every quarter, featuring the latest on nutrition, sport, and health.

Swisscom Magazine

Previously called “SME Business World”, the Swisscom magazine provides small and medium sized businesses in Switzerland with insights and articles around management, technology, marketing, finance, and more.

SBB CFF FSS Magazine

The Blog of the Swiss Federal Railways has been around for quite some time. Since our first redesign in 2013, we continued to provide our services for the editorial team.

MAAG Music & Arts AG Event-Websites

For MAAG, we not only redesigned and developed their new main site, but also all of their show websites which include for example the popular swiss musical “Ewigi Liebi”.

klingler consultants Corporate Website

For klingler consultants we were able to redesign and implement their holistic website. In collaboration with our partner photographer Boris Baldinger, the imagery of the team pictures was created.

SWICA Magazin

Digital publications have become an important part of a marketing strategy. Since we have a great deal of experience in designing and implementing holistic solutions for our clients online communication, the insurance company SWICA commissioned us to digitally bring their customer magazine, which had previously only been available in print, to the market.The contents of …


Instead of only keeping their business customers up to date with brochures and flyers, SWICA health insurance decided to start a blog. We were able to support them from the start to the launch in April 2018 and continue to do so.