Simon Halimonov

UI Designer / Frontend Developer

Simon has a very strong knowledge of the latest frontend technologies and is also a trained media designer. With his skills in design and programming, he creates and develops web applications that not only look good, but also work well and use the latest technologies.

What he does

He designs and programs digital products with heart and soul. One of his favorite books is “Algorithms to Live By: The Computer Science of Human Decisions” by Brian Christian and Tom Griffiths. When designing, he places great emphasis on functionality, a systematic approach, a dash of creativity and good technical implementation. 

Because he loves travelling so much, he is currently working as a freelancer for us from Bangkok, Thailand. 

As a designer and programmer he has already designed and realized websites for young and innovative start-ups and large international corporations.

He teaches

Simon teaches together with other lecturers at the Digital Career Institute in Germany and has already taught programming to over 100 students. In 2018, he has taught more than 1200 hours in the classroom and has given 20 workshops in three different cities in Germany. He teaches on “Fullstack JavaScript Development” and “Design for Developers”.

Selected projects

Kanton Zürich, Bildungsdirektion Web Applikation

Together with the Education Directorate Canton of Zurich, we have designed and implemented a web application on the subject of career choice, which is now publicly accessible via the desktop and therefore for a broader audience such as parents, teachers and career mentors. The portal runs technically via a so-called “headless” -CMS, which collects data …

Pro Helvetia Website

We implemented the digital book platform in close cooperation with the design agency Velvet and our long-standing customer Pro Helvetia. A new, individual WordPress website was created, which is located within the general Pro Helvetia multisite.

SOMEDIA Press AG Konzept & UX Design für das Online News Portal

For a news portal, it is particularly important that readers can inform themselves across various screen sizes. Clear reduced design, good readability, as well as great user flow across various devices are the focus. This was the second time that we had the opportunity to contribute to the relaunch of the regional news portal of …

Various Artists - The Ruins of the Eight Hour Workday

Pro Helvetia Online Art Magazine

In order to reach the target group of cultural professionals, a website with special features and surprising elements was needed. A unique online magazine with numerous animations and elaborate styles. The brand new Pro Helvetia magazine – V/A – Various Artists – is a true experience. Landing Page UX, Design & Development provides digital services in the field of training software for warehouse staff. The software documents processes digitally and leads to an automated training of employees. Our team in Germany supports with design and development work around their websites, campaigns and landing’s software documents processes digitally and leads to automated employee training. The …

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