A Whiteboard with multiple post-it notes.

It all starts with a workshop

You don’t develop a prototype without the relevant knowledge.

That’s why we met up with the Mica team at their offices to kick things off and held an all-day workshop. First, of course, there was a round of introductions before we finally moved on to the topic. We split into two groups of four, with one of us leading each group.

Ideas were developed in these groups and then presented. The best ideas were selected in a voting process and will be used in the prototype in the next step.

Interactive prototype

Ideas are great, but an idea needs to be further elaborated and tested. To do this, we sat down in a kind of design sprint and transformed those ideas into an interactive prototype. No real data or complex backend logic was used, but the front end already corresponded to the ideas and the complete rewards calculator could be run through from start to finish.

This prototype was then used to carry out user tests, obtain feedback and implement valuable input from potential customers. We also supported these steps with our user experience design expertise.

Below we show some views of the premium calculator.

Playful prototype

Insurance is often seen as a dry and boring topic. Mica wanted to counteract this and therefore opted for a playful and colorful corporate identity and design. This approach is also reflected in the premium calculator, which uses friendly and almost playful elements and icons to create an inviting and positive user experience.

Three different views of the prototype on an iPad.

In the final step, users receive an overview of all insurance policies, which can be added or removed individually. Thanks to the transparent summary, users have a full overview of all costs at all times

Even though Mica had to cease operations due to strong competition from large insurance companies, we had a lot of fun helping to shape the exciting ideas.

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