How HIN works

To prevent sensitive data from leaking out, HIN’s multi-layered and complex software ensures that the process is secure. For example, a doctor makes a note of a patient’s leg fracture in the HIN platform, this information is encrypted and can then be retrieved and further filled out by the physiotherapist.

German Infographic, how HIN works

Visual design with clear information architecture

The starting point for the collaboration with launch in 2019 was to find a new design and a structure for the complex content on the support page and the navigation that should be clear and easy to use for users. We created a visual design, implemented it in code with WordPress, and then it was integrated into the already existing website.

Redesign HIN Client

The HIN Client software is the access software for easy and secure access to the HIN platform. This software is installed on workstations to provide HIN participants* with secure access to HIN protected web applications and to HIN email services. We have made the user experience of the entry portal more user-friendly.

Quick Facts

  • Simplified information architecture in the header and support page
  • Completely new visual design for the support page and HIN client interface
  • Programming of the support page based on WordPress
  • Integration into an existing website
  • Development of dynamic elements that can be used anywhere on the website
  • User experience and user interface design
  • Conception and design of a new user journey & onboarding for a clear user guidance of the registration and login of the HIN client

Website, Mac-App

Health Info Net (HIN)

Web design, App design, Frontend, WordPress


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