In connection with the redesign of the home- and subpages of GARMIN #Beatyesterday, we migrated the content types and functions to the block editor “Gutenberg”.

This involved analysing the existing functions and equipping them with the new editor concept of the Block Editor to create a new and efficient writing experience for content managers.

A new writing experience – the new content editor for Garmin

With our German branch “we are required gmbh” and our partner Mandarin Media in Schwerin, we were part of the redesign of Garmin #BeatYesterday.

The website has been based on WordPress for quite some time. Customised content types were previously implemented with Advanced Custom Fields . We migrated the content types and functions to the block editor “Gutenberg” and analysed the existing functions to be equipped with the new concept of the Block Editor.



Frontend, WordPress


Quick Facts

  • Migration of Advanced Custom Fields to the Block-Editor “Gutenberg”
  • Frontend development of the new visual design
  • New user experience for content manager

Are you getting a little better everyday? Check out #BeatYesterday

Cover image by © Claus Wachsmann 

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