Together with the Fondation Beyeler, Swisscom organized a competition where the main prize was to have a real Picasso for one day. The campaign was accompanied by and an initial press conference, so many people were aware of it.

In 2018, there was already a similar campaign with the last Publifon telephone booths. However, there was a big difference this year.

Video Applications

Instead of just applying with a picture and accompanying text, participants had the opportunity to introduce themselves and their idea with a video. This video could be uploaded directly to the campaign website, so there was no need to go through YouTube or Vimeo.

In doing so, we had to consider various topics: For example, the videos had to be playable on all devices, regardless of who or how they were uploaded. At the same time, participants should also have the opportunity to upload videos directly from their smartphone. We decided on a solution that compressed and converted the videos to the correct format directly on the participants’ devices. Participants didn’t have to install anything, and at the same time, we could reduce the resources needed by the servers.

During the upload of the picture, a still image of the video was automatically generated, which was used as a preview image. In the background, a notification was immediately triggered to the editorial team so that they could review the idea and then publish it.

During the 10-day idea submission phase, a total of 411 quite different ideas were submitted.


After the application phase, it was about selecting the top 20 ideas.
These 20 people had the chance to be chosen by a 6-member jury to have this painting in their home for one day. Over 6 days, all people could vote for their favorite ideas. For this, we relied on a self-developed Plugin with which one could give a “Like” to each idea. Over 20,000 likes were collected during this period. By the way, the most popular time was from 22:00 to 23:00.

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