Fan screen in the finish area

A large screen was set up in the finish area so that the athletes were not completely alone at the finish despite the lack of fans. Videos of cheering fans and family members were shown on this screen. The icing on the cake: some of the athletes didn’t even know that they would suddenly see their family there. A great idea and campaign from Swisscom.

Our contribution

In the run-up to and during the races, we developed and designed a landing page,, where fans could upload their own videos. They could start the camera directly on their smartphone, record the video and send it off. In the background, we converted these videos into a universally playable format and immediately sent them to Swisscom via an interface. Swisscom in turn checked the videos and brought them to the big screen.

When athletes arrived at the finish line for whom no special videos had been recorded in advance, they still saw smiling and cheering faces. As it was also possible to specify which ski country you wanted to be a fan of when uploading the video, the videos could be selected accordingly.




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