You could see them almost at every corner, but since the rise of the cell phone, there is no more need for their existence: the Publifon telephone booths. The last remaining booths are being dismantled, the telephone booth era in Switzerland is coming to an end.

What was the goal?

Swisscom wanted to give the last 10 telephone booths a second life to give them to a few creative individuals.

In cooperation with the responsible person at Swisscom we developed the #byebyepublifon competition on top of WordPress.

Uploading ideas

For about 10 days, interested people could upload their ideas of what they would do with such a booth. Each idea was automatically saved as a draft post in the WordPress backend, before the Swisscom’s editors reviewed and published the ideas.

The Voting

We implemented our custom developed “REST Likes” plugin to provide the voting feature. Each idea could be voted once with a “like”-click.

Online competition


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