When we took over the project in 2015, the blog was essentially just an extension of the print magazine. Together with CSS, we subjected the blog to a complete redesign at that time and supported the online concept of CSS.

Regular Exchange

With the launch of the new blog, our actual work only began. In regular meetings with the online team of CSS, we take note of new needs and exchange ideas. Normally, both sides prepare before the meeting and bring their own inputs. During the conversations, a very creative exchange of ideas then takes place.

  • What is possible?
  • What does the readership want?
  • What are the internal company goals?


One of the major goals, for example, was to increase the number of newsletter subscribers. In this newsletter, CSS sends out tips & exciting articles to interested readers. Many of these contents originate from the blog, so it made sense to make more prominent references to the newsletter on the blog.
With the appropriate measures, we were able to increase new registrations by a multiple.

Form to subscribe for the newsletter


CSS Versicherung

Design, Frontend, User-Tests, WordPress


Varied Design

Different templates & content variations, with galleries, quotes and teasers for the CSS app
Different templates & content variations

We always strive to make the content as readable and interesting as possible. Often, however, missing formatting options or a somewhat reserved attitude towards experiments are a big hurdle.
Fortunately, CSS had a strong desire for more possibilities and the willingness to use them. Therefore, we developed different content elements that the editorial team can use as they see fit.

Sustainable Collaboration

Occasionally, with web projects, it happens that after the launch of the website, the collaboration between the client & web agency fades somewhat. We are extremely grateful to our clients – and in this case especially to CSS Insurance – that we have been able to support them for a long time and continue to do so, developing great solutions together.

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