Karin Christen

Interaction Designer / Director Switzerland

Karin Christen is our Interaction Designer setting her focus on the user’s perspective. Also, she is the person in charge when it comes to all sorts of managing aspects in our business.

What she does

Karin does a lot of prototyping. She scribbles concepts, turns them into interactive prototypes, and validates them through user tests.

She either works on applications with usability issues or helps out to start a project from scratch. Our clients hire her, normally to join their own project team, with the goal of creating a good user experience on their web application.

One of her key strengths is to analyse the desires, requirements, and restrictions our clients have, in order to afterwards suggest a procedure which fits both the project and the team in the best possible way.

Her latest talks

WordCamp Europe Sofia

Karin was invited to share an updated version of her talk “A modern take on interactive prototyping” at the WordCamp Europe in Sofia, Bulgaria.

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WordCamp Europe Seville

Karin gave a talk about “How to run a remote business while traveling the world” at WordCamp Europe in Seville, Spain.

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Her latest blog posts

The journey of Freshjobs

Karin never planned to be self-employed or even run her own company. It just happened somehow by doing what she loves. The story of how the required team teamed up  to build a side project which led us to become a Web Agency.

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Her latest stories

Point break – balancing productivity for more consistency

Karins passion is to create things for the world wide web. But there is something about passion — once you do something you really love, it’s hard to stop, it’s hard to give yourself a break. There are just so many ideas and things to do!

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Where to work & live on the go?

Some recommended places from around the world, where Karin and the team stayed to co-work.

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Selected project

Website for Moving Media


To deliver their advertising clients a whole new experience in booking ads, we built a WordPress based web application. Advertisers now get a preview of their ads on the buses and trams.

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