Putting a print magazine on a digital medium

SWICA aktuell die Kundenzeitschrift

Digital publications have become an important part of a marketing strategy. Since we have a great deal of experience in designing and implementing holistic solutions for our clients online communication, the insurance company SWICA commissioned us to digitally bring their customer magazine, which had previously only been available in print, to the market.

The contents of SWICA “Aktuell” can now be read online and on the move and thus have a wider reach.

Customer request

SWICA publishes its in-house print magazine “aktuell” four times a year in German, French and Italian and distributes it to its customers. In order to reach even more readers with the magazine, the insurance company wanted to make its content available online.

Our solution

During an initial workshop with the SWICA marketing team, we took up the new needs and content strategy and, as a result, developed a content concept and information architecture for the magazine.  In a next step, the new concept was visualized in line with the corporate design and the existing print magazines. We implemented and tested the requirement to present the content in an easily readable way on different devices such as mobile phones in a so-called Responsive Prototype. As the Content Management System (CMS) WordPress is very suitable for an online magazine, and we already have a great deal of experience with it, the requirements of SWICA were developed on the basis of WordPress.

The multilingual customer magazine has now been available in digital format since 2019 and is also accessible to interested parties who are not yet SWICA customers.

Quick Facts

Kunde:SWICA Krankenversicherung AG
Branche: Insurance
Endprodukt: Online Magazin
Link:  aktuell.swica.ch
Unsere Leistungen: 

  • Needs analysis
  • User Centered Design: concept design & information architecture
  • Visual Design according to the Corporate Design
  • Responsive Design for different screen sizes
  • Developing the User Interface
  • Developing the custom theme in WordPress
  • Support & Maintenance

The new content concept

Similar to the print magazine, each issue exists as a closed unit. For this purpose, readers of an article have the possibility to access the table of contents at any time. The start page of the publication has a strong focus on the latest print edition, which is also available for download as a PDF file. Readers can also consume each issue digitally via web view on any desired device online. In addition, they also have the option of find the complete archive of all issues, should they ever miss one.

How does the editorial department work with it?

For individual articles, the SWICA editorial team has various options for incorporating the individual character of a topic. For example, there are several basic templates and also the option of determining the main color of the article itself. Thanks to these functionalities, the sections are given their own style and readers are given a pleasant visual variety and recognition when reading the individual topics.

The new Block-Editor “Gutenberg”

In this project, we decided right from the start to rely completely on the new WordPress editor “Gutenberg”. As WordPress version 5.0 was about to be released and “Gutenberg” would become the standard editor. So it made sense to use these new possibilities already for the new magazine. Thanks to the new editor, the editorial staff can now manage the contents of the magazine efficiently and easily.

Further projects with SWICA

We have developed not only the magazine but also the SWICA Business Blog. Click here for the reference.




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