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We are experts in our fields and love to share our broad knowledge with you and your team. Clients hire us for WordPress and design training, or to test and turn a fresh idea into a concept to build upon.

Sometimes you need an outside perspective or insights from industry experts to get your team up to speed. Our longtime experience in WordPress development, rapid prototyping and interaction design can help your team succeed on their next project. We regularly speak at industry conferences and share our knowledge in higher education or private institutions.

We are patient, passionate and integrate well with your team and your existing workflow. We want you to succeed in the fields we know best, because there is more than enough work for all of us.

Consulting services we offer:

  • Get your agency team or in-house development department up to speed with WordPress best-practices
  • Build production-ready interactive prototypes
  • Improve the usability & user experience of your product with user testing
  • In-depth WordPress code reviews with applicable suggestions

Drop us a line so we can talk about how we can help your team succeed.

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