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Hello Gutenberg

Pascal Birchler,

In May 2017, WordPress turned 14 years old. Initially started as a fork of a software called b2, WordPress has grown to be the largest content management system in the world. It currently powers over 28% of the web. Soon, we will see perhaps one of the biggest changes to the core of WordPress: the editor. At the … Continue reading Hello Gutenberg

Photo Shoot in Paris

Karin Christen,

We met in Paris for a WordPress conference, invited our partner, friend and photographer Boris Baldinger and had a personal branding photo shoot for each team member. At required we have built a remote culture where everyone can live their individual lifestyles and work from wherever on this planet they want to be. Each team member … Continue reading Photo Shoot in Paris

WordCamp Europe in Paris

Karin Christen,

The yearly WordCamp Europe is always set a year in advance in our calendar. As a remote team, we use this opportunity to catch up with each other by combining the conference with a company retreat. That’s why we extended the conference weekend into a full week of co-working in Paris. Paris I Paris II … Continue reading WordCamp Europe in Paris

Work Week & WordCamp Bilbao

Stefan Velthuys,

Dominik, Karin, Pascal and Velthy spent a week in Bilbao to get some work done and to attend the local WordCamp on the weekend. Pascal and Dominik both talked about the fields of internationalization (i18n) and localization (l10n). In an area where people speak both Spanish and Basque, that was a pretty suitable topic. Our apartments … Continue reading Work Week & WordCamp Bilbao

On Internationalization and Localization

Pascal Birchler,

Internationalization and localization are two important parts of software development and design. Unfortunately, it’s an area that’s often neglected or not fully understood. This article gives an introduction into the fields of I18N and L10N along with many examples and useful resources.

A quick recap on 2016

Stefan Velthuys,

Let’s take a moment to look back at a successful 2016. We had the pleasure to build amazing projects for amazing clients in our 4th year as required. People Projects WordCamps Sponsoring Retreat & Pictures Fun Facts Remote for the win Looking Forward In the last 3 years we built a special page for our … Continue reading A quick recap on 2016

The journey of Freshjobs

Karin Christen,

  Some people in our industry are writing long and detailed business plans before they start with an idea or a product. Others just build stuff in order to do what they love to do. I never planned to be self-employed or even run my own company. It just happened somehow by doing what I love. I’d like … Continue reading The journey of Freshjobs